The day's program for April 4, 2024, "Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center," was introduced by Club Program Chairman, Brian Myers. He was joined by his guest, Beverly Hutchison, Executive Director of Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center.
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Beverly presented a compelling view of the outstanding services Dee Norton provides to our community.
 "Changing the world, one child at a time. We believe that child abuse does not define who a child is or the person they are destined to be. It can be overcome—but it takes all of us, together, working as one.The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center is a safe, child-friendly place to turn when there is a concern about abuse. Our full-spectrum approach ensures that every single person has the resource they need to help every single child. Because our children give us everything, and we believe they deserve everything in return."
Beverly's Power Point Presentation:
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Thank you to Beverly and Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center for an excellent program!